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sustainable fibers

To us sustainability is not just about doing our best to tackle environmental problems today, it’s also about continuously improving and building for a better tomorrow. Whilst we strive to achieve more in this crucial area, we acknowledge that we are a long way from where we plan to be in 20 years’ time. We experiment with organic materials and critically evaluate our production process to reduce environmental waste, using ecological materials to help preserve our planet for future generations. The vast majority of our products are made of 100% biodegradable materials. We’re also constantly experimenting with a variety of organic fabrics such cotton, linen, wool as well as recyclable and biodegradable fibers like lyocell or hemp to make our products last longer. While adding to the obvious comfort, by making this choice we also help to reduce the amounts of toxic chemicals and excessive water supply that is associated with mass textile production. Synthetic fabrics are only used in exceptional circumstances when they can uplift the product.  

inspiring quality

The quality of clothes is essential. Especially if you’re planning to wear them for many years, they become a representation of who you are. We love certain fabrics because of their authenticity, and this familiarity feels comfortable to us as human beings. That’s why you can never go wrong with good quality yarns. We love to experiment with unique fabrics to create a subtle, yet outstanding difference in quality to other clothing you can buy. For instance, we can create a unique aesthetic with our clothes by turning a garment inside out or washing it several times. Each collection is its own ecosphere we develop over months of work. We spend vast periods of time looking for inspiration, studying fashion trends, illustrating and designing, creating color-palette harmonies, whilst always aiming for the best garment quality. 

working with ethical suppliers

We are working with ethically principled people in whom we trust and are proud of. We’ve worked with many of our manufacturers for over 15 years and prefer to know precisely what we are working with. That’s why we shifted our personal approach from sales to manufacturing. Before the work starts, we really get to know the faces behind the sewing machines. It is our own requirement that we know both the origins of the people who work with us, as well as the origins of the materials.

The majority of our collection is ‘Made in Europe’ in countries such as Portugal, Romania and Scotland nor do we produce worldwide. We would like nothing more than producing 100% in Europe but due to our ambition of offering the right price/quality and better expertise in some countries for that price it’s something that will vary every season.   

one big family

We don’t have the intention being the loudest and biggest brand in the industry. At all times we want to create a universe where all our employees and external suppliers feel appreciated for all the hard work and are paid accordingly. We will always need that sparkle of craziness, the everyday team spirit and the happy vibes to bringing you a brand we’re proud of on all layers. You’re always welcome to visit our office and meet the crazy faces behind our brand.