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It’s been a little more than two exciting years now since we’ve launched our womenswear brand Our Sister. Our Co-Founder Michiel felt the coming international womensday has been a great opportunity to reflect about and look into the social believes of our brand.

The counterpart of Castart has been founded with the idea of creating the ‘missed sister’ of both myself and my 2 brothers, Dries & Toon. Both brands needed to have the synergie to unite as one big family regardless of loosing its own unique DNA. In a society where gender equality should, unlikely as claiming it is already, be balanced only this could strengthen our believe of bringing in-house both women - and menswear. Giving our ‘imaginary’ Sister the power to stand on its own, dream big and at last have the opportunity to learn by making mistakes.

This philosophy has within the first steps of expansion also been implement in our company's structure. Who are we as brothers to claim we know women best? The power of working around womenswear by women shouldn’t be underestimated. Not to speak about the power of having a mixed team with mutual interests yet unique characteristics in all its forms.

That’s why we would like to thank all people who’ve brought us where we are now. Those who fought to be seen as a brand. Thanks Floor Windels, Kato Avondts, Nele Feyen, Veronica Ruggeri, Eva Peeters, Sophie Engelen, Maria Koch, Rosalie Van Hacht and all others for being with us.

Some people have left to fulfill personal dreams such as exploring the world, others felt it's time to move on to something new. But that’s okay. In the end the’ve felt the freedom to develop personally, left a long-lasting impact on where we are now and made space for new women to grow.

Eventually my long-term ambition is to have an international respect day. Not to compensate something that should be seen as normal but just to share the love for each individual, either women, men or non-binary.