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Knit sandwich full of qualities


Looking for some warmth and coziness during these colder days? Our Sister always tries to look for the best quality, with the right aesthetics at a honest price. We love to experiment with al kind of yarns to become the softest knit which will last for a lifetime.

Baby Alpaca

Baby alpaca does not come from the baby of the alpaca as many think. It is so named because this fiber is made from the softest part of the alpaca, namely the wool on the belly. This extraordinary quality and extreme softness is impossible to beat. Discover a percentage of baby alpaca in our Hairy earthtongue knit and Hairy parachute knit.


Mohair originating from the angora goat is recognizable by its natural sheen and luscious texture. The mohair fibers are known for their exceptional paint absorption. This makes mohair available in the most beautiful and bright colors. If you are looking for this kind of quality you should discover our Crimino knit.


The alpaca mainly lives in the south of America where it survives in extreme altitudes. As a result, they have to adapt to huge temperature differences which provides an insulating capacity. This makes of alpaca one of the most luxurious materials. This type of wool protects you from the cold while its regulating ability keeps you from sweating. Alpaca is perfect for people with a more sensitive skin thanks to its lightness and pure softness. Find a part of alpaca in our Enoki knit and Shiitake knit.

Extra Fine Merino wool

Merino comes from the merino sheep, originating mainly from Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and South Africa. In addition to its softness, merino is also known for its airy nature. merino wool is an active fiber that responds to changes in body temperature. Perfect for every weather condition. With the Portobello knit and Tiny trumpet knit you’ll definitely have the merino experience.

All the above yarns are durable, biodegradable and with low environmental impact by traceable animals. As sustainability begins at the source, traceability is key to bringing transparency and aligning stakeholders to purue sustainable practices at every level of the supply chain. Let us all enjoy these beautiful winter days while wearing our warming knitties.