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Get-together Friday


As some of you might know we’re not really into sales without a meaningful reason (such as stock liquidation or end of season sales). As a small and steadily growing company markdowns in the middle of the season can harm our all-time ambition of delivering well-curated goods. For us ‘Black Friday’ is a big battle. If we don’t participate the big non-responsible brands will be taking away our sales that weekend, but on the other hand it doesn’t feel right in our brand proposition to throw with discounts.

That’s why we’ve introduced ‘get-together Friday’ two years ago to get-together with our beloved community and our idea of what the Christmas period is about. A campaign where we want to show our gratitude towards our loyal customers with a 20% discount but it doesn’t end here. 

As you might know the famous Friday in November is invented in the States by the big ones to boost sale for the Christmas period. We totally feel you buying nice and local gifts for all your beloved ones but also think Christmas should be about taking care of those in need. For that reason we’ve decided to donate 10% of our ‘Get-together’ campaign sales to an Antwerp based organization, Kras youth work.

One of the founders of our company, Michiel, recently has one of his children in kindergarden. It breaks his heart to see that some of them struggle to live a carefree youth due to poverty. Kras is an Antwerp based youth organization that sets up a variety of leisure activities for different districts. Find out more about Kras Youth work (in dutch) on their website.

Let’s get-together and support your locals.